Introducing Mr. Pence from Indiana

Creative Commons photo by Gage Skidmore

As President Barack Obama gets ready to leave the White House and enjoy some well-earned rest, the controversies swirling around President-elect Donald Trump continue. In addition to his fiery press conference, Trump has engaged in verbal scuffle with Democratic Rep. John Lewis (D) and cabinet picks Jeff Sessions and Rex…

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Undemocratic by Design

With the Electoral College vote on the horizon, it might be helpful to look at a history of the institution. In 1824, America hosted an election for the 6th President of the United States. Of the four candidates running (Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, William H. Crawford & Henry Clay),…

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Semper (In)Fidelis

In the two weeks since the election, we have seen protest in the streets and the theaters, and the creation of safe spaces at schools and colleges. We have also heard a lot of talk about the Electoral College. Some want to eliminate the Electoral College altogether, relying instead on…

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