Federalist10.com features an assortment of bloggers from a variety of perspectives, all committed to the goal of sharing information and ideas about politics, not the same old insults and injuries.

Meet the partners in this bold experiment in sane and rational political discourse:


Dave Milbrandt, MA — Editor-in-ChiefAuthor Pic 2

Dave has been teaching politics at Citrus College since 2011. A veteran high school teacher and former reporter, Dave has worked on various political campaigns and is still waiting for his first win. When he’s not teaching or rambling on about politics, Dave writes suspense novels and is now dipping his toe into the craft of screenwriting. He’s been married to his wife and fellow writer, Lynn, since 1997. You can find out more about his latest projects at DaveMilbrandt.com.






Shannon Gerlach, MA — Editor-At-Large13632688_10210112155350019_493798273_o

Politics and current affairs are my passion – I believe firmly that we need a well informed electorate to pay attention and respond to the the actions of our elected leaders. I have my BA in English from U.C. Irvine and my MA in History from CSU Fullerton. I teach U.S .History 1500-1865 and American from 1865-1945 for University of Phoenix in the evenings. During the day, I am a principal for an online high school. I have taught AP Government, AP Economics, U.S. Government, Economics, History of Women, U.S. History, Modern World Studies, and Creative Writing. I have also been lucky enough to be chosen as a fellow for the U.S. Office of the Historian and was able to spend a week in Washington, D.C. learning about the House of Representatives, it’s history, and the role that it plays in today’s political world.




William Walwik — Editor-At-Large

I cut my political teeth at an early age, after interning for Rep. Myers from Indiana, (I was working in D.C. the day President Reagan was shot). I then went to work for the Pennsylvania Republican Committee, (my home state) and after that Reagan/Bush 84, before moving on to the Pennsylvania House Campaign Committee. After all that excitement I settled down to lobby for the Pennsylvania Builders Association and then onto running the Home Builders Association of Sarasota County in Florida… Yes, I got to participate in the 2000 recount. I know, lucky me.

Now I teach AP Government and Politics, AP Comparative Government and AP US History in Winston-Salem North Carolina and have the opportunity to share my experiences with young minds and am grateful to be able to absorbed their enthusiasm for politics and the future.


Stephanie Burdo — Staff Writer

As a recent Cal Poly Pomona Political Science grad, Stephanie Burdo is now working towards developing her career in education by pursuing a Master’s in Education and teaching credential from Azusa Pacific University. Hoping to immerse herself into secondary education, Stephanie dreams of inspiring young students on topics concerning American government, political science, and history. Stephanie was also an active member of Young Americans for Liberty during her undergraduate career and finds joy in passing on American constitutions and discussing all things politics. As a former gaming journalist with countless articles to her name, Stephanie is also a very passionate writer. You can find many of Stephanie Burdo’s previously published works at stephanieburdo.contently.com.



Joel J. Dominguez — Staff Writer

Joel J. Dominguez was introduced to the political arena by his grandfather in 2008, and often found himself debating and defending his views to peers, colleagues and superiors. Joel has invested a great deal in the philosophies and ideologies of both ancient and contemporary thinkers, studying a wide array of book and authors who both support and oppose his views. As an undergraduate student of Citrus and Cerritos Colleges, Joel works in the business world which allows him to participate in state and local government functions, while continuing his educational career and investigating federal and national politics simultaneously.




Sayedah Mosavi — Staff Writer

Sayedah Mosavi is delighted to join the staff here at F10. As a graduate of Religious Studies from U.C. Berkeley, Sayedah is deeply passionate about philosophy, theology, politics and the intersection of all three. While attending Berkeley, she dedicated much of her time to political activism and campus organizing around women’s rights issues and public higher education. She has also had the pleasure of working with the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute in conducting research to inform U.S. policy on human rights. She has had the further pleasure of having her research incorporated in a soon-to-be published Middle East foreign policy book that aims to inform U.S. political relations in the region. She is currently working on a thesis project which discusses the importance of matrilineality in pushing political revolutions during the early Islamic period. When she is not working, Sayedah enjoys discussing politics, philosophy and aesthetics with close friends and family. In the near future, she hopes to begin pursuing her graduate studies in comparative theology with the aim of becoming a professor and continuing her activism.



Gabriel Oneal Smith — Staff WriterIMG_7216

Gabriel recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, where he served as the Vice President of the Associated Students Incorporated. He is a community leader who has worked with CHIRLA to promote true participatory democracy, lobby for policies which achieve full human, civil and labor rights. Passionate about the California drought, Gabriel worked closely with the Office of Congresswoman Grace Flores Napolitano to organize a water forum bringing together water agencies from the local, state and federal level to discuss strategies for the future of water policy. He received the 2015 Congressmen George Miller Water Policy Grant to pursue his policy research in Washington, D.C.  Gabriel has dedicated a great deal of his time to volunteer at voter registration drives throughout Southern California and educate voters on the propositions and issues of importance to California residents. Gabriel is headed next to law school to continue his calling to be a dedicated public servant.



Jacob Phillips — Staff Writer

Jacob Phillips is currently an undergraduate student at U.C. Berkeley. He enjoys all things political science and history, and aspires to be a lawyer working in international law. He hopes this will one day lead him to a career as a diplomat for the United States. Jacob also hopes to expand research regarding Italy’s role during the Second World War and write a book on the subject one day. His ultimate goal is to teach history at the college level.







Justin Teng — Staff Writer

Justin is a political science major attending U.C. Berkeley. When he isn’t preoccupied with studying, writing papers, and preparing for tests, he likes to express his artistic side by creating portrait art pieces. Justin is preparing for law school and hopes to become an attorney and, ultimately, a statesman.







Miranda Wheeler — Staff WriterPortrait

Miranda is currently studying philosophy at U.C. Berkeley. She hopes to go on to law school and become an environmental attorney. Her passions include listening to and performing music, spending time with her animals, practicing yoga and trying to save the world.