Truth from a Certain Point of View

The President’s policy decisions are unpopular at best, with protests popping up all around the country. He knows he’s not nearly as beloved as his Democratic predecessor, an eloquent, younger politician with a lovely wife and two adorable children. He’s married with a family of his own, but public support…

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Introducing Mr. Pence from Indiana

Creative Commons photo by Gage Skidmore

As President Barack Obama gets ready to leave the White House and enjoy some well-earned rest, the controversies swirling around President-elect Donald Trump continue. In addition to his fiery press conference, Trump has engaged in verbal scuffle with Democratic Rep. John Lewis (D) and cabinet picks Jeff Sessions and Rex…

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Nice Guys Finish Second

The most important decision a modern presidential candidate makes is the selection of the number two person on the ticket. While originally chosen as the second highest vote getter in the election, vice presidents today are picked to round out a deficiency seen in the future president. There have been…

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